Characters are like real people when they appear in my head. Some make an entrance and demand to be noticed. A few linger on the sidelines and arrive only when needed.

Jayne Menard long desired to write fiction, but as a corporate executive, too little time was in each day to turn her thoughts and daydreams into stories.  Painting novels in the colors of nature to provide texture and context to situations and characters has now become her focus.  She resides on the stunningly beautiful and rugged Oregon coast and has a devilishly playful Pembroke Welsh Corgi to lure her out for walks. 

She has published all three books of theSpook Hills trilogy, Old Growth and Ivy,  New Growth, and Noble Firs, .  Inspiration for her characters and novels may come from her life experience, daydreams and night dreams.  Sometimes characters simply appear, demanding an audience.  At other times, a character is needed and a unique personality walks on stage in her mind and then jumps onto her computer screen.  The plots grow out of the characters.  Wherever it makes sense, she also draws on her technical and business backgrounds.

Jayne Menard at Home