September 1! New Growth -- The Second Book of the Spook Hills Trilogy

New Growth, the second book of the Spook Hills Trilogy will be released September 1st!  This exciting new book continues the saga of Steve Nielsen and his top three FBI agents as they seek new lives by highlighting the story of Mathew Heylen.  As Mathew works to establish Spook Hills as a promising new vineyard, he also wants a romantic relationship that he hopes will grow into love, marriage and a family. 



Thinking that the dangers of his FBI career are well behind him, Mathew begins planning his house on the vineyard.  As he sketches, he becomes aware that someone closely watches his movements.  With that one glimpse, the day changes from idyllically August to an autumn tinged with lurking risks. 

A kidnapping, an abduction, and more of the dangerous and crafty Fuentes family from the first book block Mathew’s path to his dream.  During the course of this story, Mathew must discover if he has what it takes to be a strong leader now his time has come to not only make the most of his life, but also to save the lives of others.

Writing New Growth was an interesting experience in which I found myself challenged not just by developing new, intriguing characters and balancing complex storylines, but by continuing to hone my skills as a fiction writer.  This time, I did get inside the heads of a couple of the antagonists only to find that they were not all bad.

With this second book, I hired certain professionals to develop marketing text, design the cover and perform a detailed professional edit that examined how the story was told.  I learned a great deal going through this process that will also be applied in future works.

I will be interested to hear what readers say about New Growth!