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. . . this is a story sure to entertain romantic-suspense fans, as well as anyone seeking a peek behind the scenes at the workings of the FBI.

In this romantic suspense novel, two high-powered professionals who have given up everything for their jobs, hope to re-balance their lives in retirement.
— Blue Ink Reviews, August, 2015
Old Growth and Ivy will engage those looking for a thriller that also sweetly celebrates love.

Jayne Menard’s romantic crime drama Old Growth and Ivy, the first in a trilogy, juxtaposes heart-pounding shootouts with warmhearted relationships that emphasize the importance of human connection.
— Foreword/Clarion Review, August, 2015
The writing is good, the dialogue is believable, and the story is interesting. The reader finds love and adventure and suspense all rolled into a single story in a most believable manner. This is an exceptionally good book.

David Burnett for the Kindle Book Review.
I received a copy of the book in exchange for a fair and unbiased review.
— David Burnett, The Kindle Book Review, September, 2015
New author Jayne Menard skillfully sets up interesting tension between these two characters, which progresses into playfulness, and ultimately romance.

The storyline plays out in the Pacific Northwest city of Portland and the rugged central Oregon coast with its ancient old growth forests. Menard writes with lush descriptions that tease the reader’s senses, eloquently creating mental images of places, people, foods, wines, and events. She successfully weaves suspense, danger, and intrigue into her novel, while adding just a splash of the “finer things in life” in a plot that will keep you guessing will its twists and turns.
— Cindy Gelezinsky
On the rare occasions I read fiction, I require two immediate qualities before deciding to give it substantial time: (1) wanting to turn to page 2 for reasons other than finishing the sentence at the end of page 1, and (2) a plot that hooks me quickly. This book has both of those.

What struck me was the incredible skill Menard has to paint scenes so they become frames of video or photos inside the frames, bringing the action alive without heavy dependence upon adjectives.
— Sandy Pfaff
I love romantic mysteries. This one makes me anxious for another book about these characters. The story shows heros and heroines don’t have to be young.
— Amazon Customer
Just started it last night and I’m hooked!
— Diana Succow-Sasser
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